Popup Notification like Facebook using Jquery and CSS

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Are you looking for popup Notification like Facebook, This Post will explain the functions and css. Here you are going to learn html css and jquery functions for popup notification. The popup Notification is one of the needed for all social sites projects and database back ends.  So here we go with basic code and live demo functions.

Demo Here                                              Download Here

Step 1: Create Html file for menu bar named as index.php

Step 2: Create css File for design style.css

Step 3: create jquery function for popup.

Add javascript into the index page. This javascript is basic hide and show script.  If you know the Basic javascript you can easily do this with your own idea. onlcik ‘show’  function show the Notification div, and the ‘hide’ function  hide the notification div.

step 4: Add library function for javascript

That’s It, enjoy the coding.


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