File upload with Progress bar using ajax

By | February 15, 2016

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File upload with Progress bar using ajax

In this tutorials, we are going to learn how to file upload with progress bar using ajax.  Nowadays there are lot of upload portals and upload websites there. so if we working for websites definitely we have one form with upload images and content. So while we create for user interface is more important in design. Every user wants to upload the big file and look how much time take for upload using progress bar.

This is tutorials for File upload with Progress bar using ajax. now going to the coding part.

Step 1 : Create upload form with file upload input type and named as upload.html or php

Step 2 : Create css style for for and named as style.css

Step 3 : create php upload file for create upload folder(directory) where to upload file in location

Step 4: Create JavaScript function for  progress bar option.

Step 5 :  create folder in your file directory named as upload.

Thats it. now you can upload a file with progress bar. enjoy the code and subscribe me.