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Welcome to Developer desks We always strive to deliver the latest trends in technology, code and development websites, We can’t posting all things sometimes great things are well hidden although they deserve mentioning. If you feel that you’ve stumbled upon a trend that we are not aware of yet, feel free to contact us! – you can submit your article here.

There are many ways to contribute to – either you supply us with trends or you go one step further and provide us with a finished article. Please read below how to contribute:

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We are always looking for new talented writers to join our team. Check out our about us page or have a look at our articles to get a better idea about the content we produce. If you are motivated and eager to become a author, then please send us a well written and original email together with some writing samples and a few lines about yourself. Send your mail to  info [at] developerdesks[dot] com or use our contact form for more informations.

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We are especially interested in materials related to the field of digital & technology like:

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latest trends in technology

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Guest Blogging is a great way to bring variation to our blog and gives you the possibility to publish your articles to the internet. Please make sure your article fits the general topic of, is not a purely sales-driven advertising article for your website / business and offers our readers relevant insights. When inquiring please include examples of previous articles (if applicable) and a link to your website.

Terms and Conditions
1. The Content must be good and technical relevant
2. We are Not allow the spam content, irrelevant articles and relevant to back link purpose.
3. We allowed few external link in the articles.
4. Description Must be above 3 paragraphs
5. We will update more terms and conditions soon.

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You can contribute articles to this site for publication. This content needs to be original and technical. Here, you also publish articles with useful information and new technology. Do not hesitate to submit the articles.
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