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Facebook Launch Dislike button Features Soon – Mark Zuckerberg

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The Recent Q&A Section held in Facebook HQ, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is working with Dislike button and planning to publicly test in testing version. Finally launch the real.

AS Mark Zuckerberg said his older discussions with Audience . Facebook was considering something opposite to like button and finally plan to use dislike button so this is the first time he has definitively indicated it will ship a Dislike button to users. By the sound of it, we may not even have to wait too long.

He was also clear the button won’t be about fostering negativity the way YouTube and Reddit’s downvotes often can. Instead, it’s about “expressing empathy.”

So he cleared that the Facebook launch Dislike button is not for negative thing or agaist the certain post, it just symbol for their thoughts only. Proponents of the dislike button have long argued that the Like button is not appropriate for certain topics.

Facebook has apparently been working on it for quite some time – is that he wants to keep interactions simple.

The CEO expects the new feature to begin public testing soon, and it will roll it out to everyone if embraced.

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