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Top 10 New Features in Microsoft Office 2016

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Microsoft launched their Microsoft office 2016 worldwide on Tuesday,  They announced the availability of Office 2016 for Windows desktop platform. Used by more than 1 billion people worldwide. office is the one of the most popular product in the world. This product is biggest revenue for the company.

Microsoft update a new version of Microsoft Office every three years, They update more and more features, because of the competitive world. Office faces more competition than it has in the recent times.  A number of emerging players including Google’s Drive suite, and open source alternatives like OpenOffice and LibreOffice offer several of Office’s features for no cost at all. So they added more features in Microsoft office 2016, Here is the top 10 features

1) Co-Authoring

Co-authoring allows more than one user to work on a document simultaneously. Microsoft says that users can work on a document regardless of the device – read the operating system – they are using.

2) Office Sway

Microsoft have a office sway, a tool like bundle sway introduced earlier as a standalone service, right into the Office suite. Sway lets you make stylish media presentations that can be quickly made and embedded on websites.

3) Tell Me

Tell Me is a smart assistant that can understand your queries written in completely human-y words. It will assist you with whatever issues you’re having. There is also a feature called Delve, which as the company claims, uses algorithms to bring together the most relevant information or documents in one place

4) Smart Lookup

Smart lookup provide you with contextual information about words and phrases you need to know more about. When you select a word or a phrase – in Word, PowerPoint, or any other Office application – the sidebar opens at the right side with details about the selected text from various sources, including Wikipedia.

5) New themes

Users can now change the light, shiny interface to a rad-looking Dark Gray theme. The dark theme will also come in handy while working at night hours. There are a number of other themes as well.

6) Create forecasting

Create a forecast charts based on historical data. Just select the cells, and Excel now offers one-click option to predict the future trends. You can find the one-click forecasting option called Forecast Sheet under the Data tab.

7) Mail Triage

Mail Triage feature in Outlook analyses your email pattern and also observes the people you interact with the most, and using these metrics, it prioritises your emails.


Planner that allows a team to make projects and quickly make tasks and documents. It utilises Office Graph, a feature that keeps a record of every document, email-related actions, and other activity log of a user. Planner is arguably more efficient and useful.

9)integration with oneDrive and Skype

OneDrive integration enables you to open an Office document from anywhere and from any supported device. Skype, as you can imagine, allows you to talk to your colleagues, initiate and join online meetings and share your screen with your colleagues.

10) Windows 10 support 

There are several Windows 10 features that work great with Office 2016.

Enjoy the Features.

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