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PHP Introduction

Before learning php, you should have some knowledge in below topics:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Define php?

  • PHP is an acronym for “Hypertext Preprocessor”
  • PHP is a widely-used, open source scripting language
  • PHP scripts are executed on the server
  • PHP costs nothing, it is free to download and use

Php File

  • PHP files can contain text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code
  • PHP code are executed on the server, and the result is returned to the browser as plain HTML
  • PHP files have extension “.php”

Thats basic intro about PHP

What is CSV file?

A comma-separated values (CSV) (also sometimes called character-separated values, because the separator character does not have to be a comma , file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain-text form. Plain text means that the file is a sequence of characters, with no data that has to be interpreted instead, as binary numbers.
{ Source: wiki }.

In Spreed Sheets You can download data as csv file format which means each column data separated by (,).

Using this csv formats we can easily upload bulk files and database tables in MySQL database.

Export or dowload msword or spreadsheet files in .csv
It shows like:

What is CSV file? or how can we upload bulk files in database using csv format?

Error: MySQL shutdown unexpectedly.


MySQL shutdown unexpectedly or MySQL server not working properly

exit Xampp server
go to your C:\xampp\mysql\data directory
delete the ibdata1 file
restart xampp server

How To Slove the Mysql extension is Deprecated ? and What is Deprecated Error?

After PHP5 version updated mysql_connect() is updated with Mysqi_Connect().

if you used old version of MYSQL_CONNECT() for database it shows Deprecated Error
For Example

CODE FOR CONNECT in old version

CODE FOR CONNECT in new version

Its look all database name also in same fields

Fast and Easy Solution
Suppress all deprecated warnings including them from mysql_*:

Insert this code in the top of the php page.
If you have further questions: Just left them below in the comments
Enjoy Easy Coding