How to search the key values in the array – array_search

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If we have a very large array values in Indexed or Associative array, we have to search or filter the particular array value or key.

Array_Search function is used to find the value.

This  function used to  search an array for a value and returns the key.

$search =array('a'=>'php','b'=>'css','c'=>'html,'d'=>'dssd','e'=>'eeee',f=>'fdfd','g'=>'dsfsd',....);
echo array_search('css',$search);


In the Given example, we have to find whether  “CSS” Find or not in the array. It prints the key of the value.


b   // output


array_search is used to search the array value(‘css’) and returns the value’s key(‘b’);

2. In_array()

In_array is simillar to the array_search

In_array Functions is used to find the value in the array list

using this function you can find the value is present or not in array queue.

syntax: In_array();

you can search anything value or key using IN_ARRAY();

for example

have to find “Developerdesks” in the given array


$var = array(‘raj’,’sekar’,’developer’,’desks’,'php','html','css','developerdesks','designer');

if(in_array('developerdesks', $var, ))
echo "found Developerdesks";
echo "not found";




You can see explanation in this url


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