How to print array values in php using mysql – associative array

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Associative array is array that use named keys that you assign to them.



$var2 = array('raj'='123','sekar'=>'213','developer'=>'545','desks'=>'345');

echo $var2['raj']; // output is 123
echo $var2['sekar']; // output is 213
echo $var2['developer']; // output is 545
echo $var2['desks']; // output is 345


named key ‘raj’ has vlaue ‘123’;

IF the named key is unknown and unlimited the use foreach


$var3 = array('raj'='123','sekar'='213','developer'='545','desks'='345','php'='34','html'='54654','css'='123'); 

foreach($var3 as $X=>$value)
echo $X .$value;



raj 123
sekar 213
desks 345
php 34
html 54654
css 123

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