Php Registration Form with email verification – Full coding

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Hello Developers, For Previous session we learned only login form using with session and database, Here We are going to full Registration form with sample coding.

Php registration form with email verification

Step 1:
First Create Config file for database connection named as config.php
Please Check previous link for creating DB and Table

Step 2 :

Create register page named as register.php with verification code in php


Php Registration Form with email verification - Full codingStep 3:
Create as Css File for design named as style.css


Step 4: Create email activation page named as activation.php

Step 5: Create login.php page


Php Registration Form with email verificationStep 6: Create logout.php page


Step 7: Create main.php for home page

Great You learned it easily, download the full source code and enjoy the coding.

Click here to download full code – Php coding for registration with emial verifiaction

Alternative download link

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