Multi select filter option for mysql data using ajax

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Hello Developers, Initially I’m trying to developer e-commerce website using php, css and mysql. I developed with designs and templates. Created mysql database and all data’s are fetched from database. Finally the important thing in the e-commerce website is filter concept. So many of them come with filter concepts and face some difficulties, So here We learn about Multi select filter option using ajax.

First We are going the to create database with data

Step 1:
Create products table for data

Step 2:
Insert data into the table

Step 3:
Create index file with data and filter functionality named as Index.php


For html page create table and fetched the data from database show it.
Ajax function for search and update the database filter concept


When radio button is checked, then tha value of radio button is passed to the search.php page using ajax page call. Data send to the search.php page using post method.

Step 3:
Create search.php page for select data from the database

Using In_array functions, the query search the value if the value is present it set the WHERE condition and print the data.

So its very Easy to set the Filter Concept to all the products, You may try and enjoy the Code.

Step 5: Style sheet, Include this code for CSS

Multi select filter option for mysql data using ajax


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