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5 Features We Going To Miss In Windows 10

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Features we will Miss In Windows 10

We know that Windows 10 of Microsoft gonna release next month(July). So we are exiting about the new features but you know what we were really miss the features in windows 7. Now some of these features might not be useful to today’s generation, but we really value our floppy drives and the infamous media center. Below is the list of 5 major features we will be waving goodbye to when we switch over to windows 10 next month :

1. Floppy Drive Support
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I’m a 90’s kid and I still have a good collection of floppy disks and even floppy installations disks for Windows 95. Although I’ve backed up the precious 1.44 MB from each of my disks I still sometimes like going through them for old times sakes. Sadly Windows 10 will no longer support internal or external floppy drives.

2.DVD Playback

5 Features We Going To Miss In Windows 10

You can no longer simply plug in your favorite DVD and watch it on a Windows 10 desktop. Windows will no longer support playback for DVD’s by default, but the good news is you can still use a disk drive right. You can always use VLC player even if you’re storing videos on floppy disks.

3. Widgets
5 Features We Going To Miss In Windows 10

Remember that cool CPU performance meter, the analog clock and the weather widget. Well you can’t use them anymore, technically widgets were removed in Windows 8 itself so not finding them on Windows 10 is evident. The reason for that is that Windows 10 already has a start menu with live tiles which cancels out the need for those widgets.

4.Windows Media Center
5 Features We Going To Miss In Windows 10

Windows media center has been a great tool for organizing both video and music collections. We’ve also used it for streaming and its been passed on to Windows 8 as well but unfortunately in windows 10 it will no longer be available. Microsoft has decided that we should all use Xbox Music and the Windows Media player, its unsure that in the near future we will see an updated version of the media center.

5. Optional Windows Updates
5 Features We Going To Miss In Windows 10

Most of us will end up receiving the Windows 10 home edition or the standard edition and we will no longer be able to choose when to update our desktops and laptops. Microsoft will now push updates to Windows 10 users and not let you opt out or even install them later. As soon as a system update is released, your desktop or laptop will download and install that update. The only exemption made for automatic updates is for Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users who can have more administrative privileges but the good news is that someone will probably be able to port a patch from those editions into the standard ones once the OS is released.

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