How to Display Announcements or Discounts in Your Websites

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How to Display Announcements or Discounts in Your Websites

I have noticed some popular Websites display their announcements as a sticky bar on top of their blogs or make as popup. Adding announcements to your Website is an effective way to reach the  direct user attention and also boost client intention and conversions. In this article, we will show you how to easily display announcements in your WordPress blog or websites.

Why Add Announcements in WordPress?

Many popular websites and blogs display their special announcements or discounts  as a floating bar on top (or at the bottom). The reason why you are seeing more and more sites using announcement bar is because they are highly effective.

Announcements are immediately noticeable on any website due to their placement. Usually it is a full-width bar on either the top or the bottom of a page.

announcement blogs

You can use it to offer special discounts, run time-sensitive marketing campaigns, ask users to participate in surveys, read a new blog post, etc.

Display Announcements in WordPress Using OptinMonster

First thing you need to do is install and activate the OptinMonster plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

This plugin merely acts as a connector between your WordPress site and the OptinMonster App.

Upon activation, the plugin will add a new menu item to your WordPress site labeled ‘OptinMonster’. Clicking on it will take you to plugin’s settings page.

You will be asked to enter your OptinMonster API keys to connect your site. You can get this information from your OptinMonster account.

announcements omapi

Click on OptinMonster menu in WordPress and then click on ‘Create New Optin’ button.

announcements step

This will take you to OptinMonster website to create your first option.

announcements createoptin

OptinMonster will load templates for floating bar in the right hand column. You need to select a template that best meets your need. Don’t worry, you can change almost every aspect of your template in the next step.

OptinMonster will now launch the customize interface. Here you can design your announcement bar, edit your own message, email sign up form, special offers, etc. Simply click on an item in the floating bar to edit it.

announcements optindesign

You can also reposition the floating bar and move it to the top so it appears similar to a Hello Bar.

To do this, scroll down to the Design Fields section, and here you can activate the ‘Load Floating Bar at Top of Page?’ option.

announcements topbar

Once you are satisfied with the design you can click on the campaign button on top and select resume campaign.

announcements resumecampaign

You can now click on the save button to store your settings and exit the optin builder.

Now it is time to enable this floating bar on your WordPress site. Head over to your WordPress admin area and click on OptinMonster menu item.

You will see your newly created optin appear under optins tab. If it doesn’t, then click on ‘Refresh Optins’ button.

announcements editoutput

You still need to configure output settings. Click on the edit output settings link to continue.

announcements enableoptin

First you need to select the checkbox next to ‘Enable optin on site?’ option to display announcements. After that you can select who would would see the optin. You can show/hide it from logged in users or show it to all users and visitors.

You can also click on the advanced settings menu to expand it. This will show you the options to show or hide the announcement bar on certain pages and posts, or categories.

Don’t forget to click on the save settings button to store your settings.

That’s all you can now visit your website to see your announcement bar in action. Thanks

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