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Top 10 New Features in Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft launched their Microsoft office 2016 worldwide on Tuesday,  They announced the availability of Office 2016 for Windows desktop platform. Used by more than 1 billion people worldwide. office is the one of the most popular product in the world. This product is biggest revenue for the company. Microsoft update a new version of Microsoft Office every… Read More »

Select every n-th row in mysql table like even or odd.

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We have faced some problem that we mysql table pulling entire table but we need a particular nth row order. Suppose we have lot of row in the table like 1000 rows but we need nth order row only, In this case, here is the code how to select every n-th row,  you can get… Read More »

Facebook Launch Dislike button Features Soon – Mark Zuckerberg

The Recent Q&A Section held in Facebook HQ, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is working with Dislike button and planning to publicly test in testing version. Finally launch the real. AS Mark Zuckerberg said his older discussions with Audience . Facebook was considering something opposite to like button and finally plan to use dislike button so this is the first time he has… Read More »