Make Money Easily to Automatically Link Keywords with Affiliate Links in WordPress

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Make Money Easily to Automatically Link Keywords with Affiliate Links in WordPress

First We Should Know How does Automatic Affiliate Links work in WordPress?

Every One Interested to make online Money using Ads and affiliated Links, There is lot of ads Sale websites are available here, Likewise there is lot of affiliated websites who give the money to sale their products using your blog or websites. Here we used Keywords with Affiliate Links plugins.

There is Lot of Peope learn around 10000 Dollars in a month using a affiliate links. There is lot of websites there for affiliated example amazon websites, Flip-kart, Alibaba etc, and also websites like Blue host, Site-ground, A2hosting Etc.

You need plugin or code for automatic keywords for the affiliate link to convert specific keywords into affiliate links. This helps you to make more revenue from your blog

In sometimes you may forget to add affiliate links into your articles. This problem gets even bigger when you have a multi-author blog.

To use Keywords with Affiliate Links plugins help you to maximize the size of your earning.

Another advantage of automatic affiliate linking is that it will also add links to your older articles where a specific keyword is mentioned. This allows you to not just monetize your new content, but also take advantage of your older articles.

Let’s take a look at how to easily setup automatic affiliate link solution on your WordPress site.

Automatically link Keywords in WordPress with ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is the best affiliate link manager plugin in the market. We use it on our own websites including WPBeginner.

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Thirsty Affiliates plugin.

Upon activation, you need to visit the ThirstyAffiliates » Addons page and scroll down to Autolinker addon section. Next, click on the ‘Go to add-on page’ button to continue.

Keywords with Affiliate Links make money

This will take you to the ThirstyAffiliates website. Autolinker is a paid addon, and it costs $49 dollars. You will likely recover this investment in the first month if you set it up properly.

After making the purchase you will be able to download the addon. Next, you need to install the Autolinker addon like you would install any other WordPress plugin.

Activation Steps

Upon activation, head over to Affiliate Links » Settings page and scroll down to the Autolinker section.

Auto Keywords with Affiliate Links make money

First you need to provide the license key for the Autolinker addon. You can obtain this information from your account on ThirstyAffiliates website.

Next, you need to enter the email address used to purchase the addon. Below that, you will see options to enable or disable autolinking on certain pages like homepage, archives, and heading tags.

We definitely recommend enabling the Random Autolink Placement option because it makes your affiliate links look more natural. If you have this option disabled, then Autolinker will just link the first keyword it finds. While this isn’t bad if you’re only replacing each brand mention or keyword once, but it looks extremely bad when you have the replacement frequency higher than 1 (more on this topic later in the article).

We also recommend that you enable autolinking in your RSS feeds. This will help you maximize your earnings from readers who only read your website via RSS readers. Another advantage is that this lets you make money from people who’re scraping / stealing content from your site.

Save the pages after configured the whole settings. Don’t Forgot

You are now ready to add affiliate links. Go to the Affiliate Links » Add New page to add your first affiliate link.

Just provide a link name and the destination URL. After that, scroll down to the autolinking section and add keywords that you want to be automatically linked.

Add Multiple keywords using Separate commas. You can also set a limit on how many times a keyword can be linked in an article.

Auto link Keywords with Affiliate Links

We recommend the 1 link per keyword Limit. In the past, we may used to have 3 keywords links, but it gets really crowded as your site grows and you have hundreds of affiliate links.

‘Save link’ after you added the affiliate link

Now every time these keywords appear in an article, they will be automatically linked with the affiliate link you added above.

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