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Export excel from mysql table data using php code

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Every one know to export MySQL table data as excel sheet from the back end in server. But we are going to learn Export excel from mysql table data using php code. Step 1: create index.php file simple form action

step 2: Create export.php file for action. All the code and actions comes under… Read More »

YouTube space Starts in India For Creators

YouTube space Starts in India For Creators YouTube launched their  YouTube’s studios at many countries and many places for Creators. After Los Angeles, London, New York, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Berlin, now its time for Mumbai, India. YouTube has announced that it will open its next studio and collaboration space in the Indian city soon. The new… Read More »

Tool for Check all Browser Compatibility

Every Web developers spend a lot of time working with check browser Compatibility.  A handy Node package makes it easy,  Using this feature  you’re trying out is compatible with enough browsers to implement it.  Website that makes easy query for standard adopted across all browsers and various devices. You can use extension package as NPM package When you’re curious… Read More »

Microsoft is testing a news reading app NewsCast

Microsoft is testing a news reading app Newscast.   Newscast application which makes a playlist of news story summaries and reads them to people. The publication came across a page on the Microsoft Azure Web Sites domain that had the app for download. As described by the Microsoft Bing team programmer working and designing with this application.… Read More »

Google gets new company name under “Alphabet – collection of companies”

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have started a new “collection of companies” called Alphabet — and it includes Google. That’s right, now there’s a company bigger than Google. The new holding company will include all of Google’s current properties, with the largest of course being Google itself. Sundar Pichai will become CEO, getting a promotion… Read More »