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How to Advertise Your Vape Business on Social Media: A Complete Guide

How to Advertise Your Vape Business on Social Media: A Complete Guide

Hi guys! Peter here! Today, we will be talking about the social media hot potato: advertising on the social media and the vape industry. As you will be well aware, most social media platforms are tightening their grip on vape adverts on their platform. For example, Facebook has prohibited vape-related Facebook ads. The reason for these restrictions on the advertising of e-liquid, vape shops and other vape companies on social media platforms is mostly down to anti-vaping laws such as the tobacco products directive (TPD). TPD governs vape products in the European Union and the UK. Essentially, TPD has put vape products on par with tobacco products which has resulted in major restrictions on the advertising of vape products not only on social media but across the entire internet.

Why it is important for your vape company to have a strong social media presence

Having briefly whizzed over the legal part, now let’s turn to the importance of advertising your vape company on social media platforms strategies to improve your branding and even vape SEO rankings. Social media marketing is very important because it acts as an acid test of how successful your vape company is. Now, I want you to go to your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Tell me honestly how many likes, followers and shares you have. I am sensing not many. In today’s world, people tend to judge businesses by their social media presence and popularity. It is somewhat of a vanity factor that does not necessarily reflect the success of your vape business since you may be focusing your efforts on providing great products and customer service rather than just posting on social media. However, you must not leave the social media stone un turned.

I strongly recommend that you make regular social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to begin with since this will give create a positive image that your vape company is active. Don’t forget that just because people do not like your social media posts or follow you, it does not necessarily mean that they are not looking at your posts! To give you a helping hand, The Eliquid Boutique offers some pretty good social media packages such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook followers, post likes and shares and much more! It is a great and affordable way of boosting your social media presence and enhancing your image. From my experience, most consumers (both B2B and B2C) will check out your social media pages before making a decision whether to buy from your online vape shop! Yes, I do it myself! Another inherent advantage of a healthy number of followers and social media shares and likes is that these help you to better your social score and generate social signals which are an important factor in helping your online vape shop to rank on Google and other search engines!

Now let me share you some of my tips for making successful social media posts and engaging your users. Firstly, do not just post for the sake of posting. Plan your social media activity. Some social media posting ideas include offers, a snapshot of your office, sales promotions, discount codes and latest products. Most business owners tend to forget the role of social media: it is for showcasing your social side of business. The purpose of social media is to be social with your stakeholders and not stuffy and pompous: there is no room for that in social media marketing. From my experience, I really like social media posts that show a vape company’s team, social events, parties and even the workplace. It is a great way of showing your stakeholders that there is a human face behind your vape company!

Instagram is the best social media platform for promoting your vape shop or e-liquid brand

Now let me share with you some tips peculiar to each social media platform. Let’s kick off with Instagram. Instagram is the most effective social media platform for advertising your vape company. Instagram’s model is predicated on posting of photographs and hash tags. This makes this platform especially user friendly and easy to use: you can get your iPhone out, snap some pics and post them! It is a great and easy way of keeping social. When making your Instagram posts, make sure to make use of popular and relevant hashtags. Hash tags is how users on Insta find you! Some popular hash tags you should definitely incorporate include #vape, #vaping, #eliquid, #vapor, #vapefam, #ukvapers an so on. I am very pleased to announce that our developers are currently working on an Instagram management software that will allow you to add your account and like and comment on posts by using hash tags, follow users by hash tags and keywords, schedule your Instagram posts and even contact Instagram users! This is going to be a very powerful Instagram management software that will allow you to acquire new followers, post likes and even leads!

Twitter is totally awesome for vape contests and e-liquid and vape product giveaways!

Now let’s turn to Twitter! A lot of vape companies are not particularly successful at Twitter marketing. Please go to your Twitter account and tell me how many followers and retweets you have. If you have a good amount, well done, you are doing a great job. If, on the other hand, you are lacking in Twitter followers and retweets, you need to adjust your strategy! Now, I am going to share a very important tip with you! Twitter is the best social media platform for giveaways! Now let me tell you how I get tonnes of retweets and followers. I make a tweet with text along the following line: “Follow us and retweet to win [then enter your product]! Courtesy of [just add your website after that] #RTtowin #prize #competition #giveaway”. This secret template has given and continues to give me plenty of exposure on Twitter! Just try it yourself and let me know the result! The good thing about getting Twitter retweets and followers is the fact that they are totally awesome for you vape SEO and Google rankings! Oh yes, each retweet will give you a NO FOLLOW back link and boost your social media score.

Facebook is a great way of posting discount codes and offers for your vape shop!

Let’s now review Facebook for vape marketing. Back before the TPD and the FDA regulations came into effect, Facebook used to be pure gold for Facebook ads. Facebook ads used to generate tonnes of sales and followers. However, since Facebook has banned the advertising of vape products, the platform has become less useful for vape advertising. Nevertheless, Facebook is still great for making posts about your company, sharing discounts and other noteworthy things about you vape business.

Pinterest and Google+ are amazing for vape seo and dominating the top spots on Google

Pinterest and Google Plus are the two social media platforms that are often overlooked and not many vape companies have a profile on either of the platforms. Whilst Pinterest and Google Plus may not be as effective for user engagement as other social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Google + are totally awesome for your vape SEO! The reason for that is because Google Plus and Pinterest posts rank extremely high on Google, which is partially down to the fact that these are Google properties! Often times, Google+ and Pinterest posts outrank vape shop websites! I tend to call this the Amazon effect. When I search for products online, Amazon listings tend to dominate the first five or even ten spots on the first page of Google! Now, this is what Pinterest and Google Plus posts do as well! Not many business owners realize, but Pinterest and Google Plus posts also generate quality leads! If you do not have the time to make Google Plus and Pinterest Posts, I recommend that you check out the Minik’s Social Signals Boss SEO software! This software will allow you to make thousands of posts from many accounts on every social media platform on complete auto pilot! You can specify your keywords, urls and images and the software will just randomize those. This is extremely helpful for lead generation, social signals for vape SEO and website page indexing. I can assure you that this software will change your game forever!
I hope you have found this tutorial on vape advertising on social media useful! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more guides, tips and strategies! Have a great day guys! Peace out!