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6 Reasons To Choose WordPress For Blogging

Blogging is the best profession & preferable choice for any writer. Whenever anyone willing to start blogging as a career, They must want best platform for build their blog. Often I got asked questions like..

Why WordPress is best for blogging?
Why we should switch to wordpress from our old site?
I simply say …. WHY NOT ?

In this article you will got all answers that why wordpress is best for beginners or experts. WP has everything from Easy Customization To Best Plugins that make your site stand out from crowd. & Here are the Top 6 reasons for why you should need to go with WordPress for start your blogging journey.


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Most popular reason for choosing a WordPress is its in-built blogging system. Wp is made for Bloggers, it gives wide range of features that hardly any other CMS has. We can easily understand & work with the WordPress blog. Whether we want to edit, delete or update anything including text or media we can easily do that. It gives us a freedom to do anything with our blog. Even if you are a beginner then you don’t need to go for purchase domain & hosting, WordPress gives you everything for start your journey without speeding a single penny.


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A Blog Without Readers Is Just Like Smartphone Without Internet Connection & that’s why this is one of my personally favorite reason to choosing WordPress. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is best way to increase visibility of your website or blog to world. It’s a basic & must-do thing of any blogger for drive organic readers to his/her blog.

Specially for those who has started their blog for earning purpose through adsense or affiliate offers, They need quality contents & hard work to drive huge audience to their blog. Now in this case they must need to make their blog complete SEO friendly. There are vast range of SEO plugins, But WordPress also offers some core features like Responsive theme, On-page contents, Internal links, Seo-friendly Urls & more. With this In-Built basic features your blog become more SEO friendly & helps to improve your blog readers as well as earnings.


Plugins are the group of several functions that are used to enhance the site functionality. Plugins are also consider as add-on like it is mostly used to add the random features. Using multiple plugins we can reduce programming efforts, So that we can easily manage the other things accordingly. The use of plugins are very simple. Lets’s say if you are running small E-commerce store, there are some necessary functions like Login, Registration, Contact Form, Email Newsletters, Add to cart, Check out , Payment gateway Etc… Now if you are trying to do these all things through your programming efforts then it will takes around 1 to 2 weeks to complete all the things & there’s also chance to get multiple errors if you are not a hardcore developer.

Now if i’m say you can do all these things within a day & in few click then is that Sounds Great ? Yes you can. Plugins are made for this, there are wide range of plugins for all types of functionality which you want to integrate in your site or blog. Using WordPress for your blogging will be very handy by the use of plugins. We can also create our own custom plugins or edit existing plugin as per requirements.


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As everyone is not tech-savvy & WordPress understands it very well. If you are beginner & don’t know anything about WordPress it’s not a matter. There are lot of blogs in market to Learn about WordPress basics or setup WordPress for start blogging. After understanding some basics you can start your blog within a single day. After getting strong command over basics & all its functionality, You can move to next step to customize the things as per your requirements. A little programming knowledge would be extra advantage for performing customization.


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WordPress supports Trackback and Pingback functionality which is mostly used to track our blogs. We can get the notification when other person is like or share our blog on the same or different website. Also we got notification whenever other person uses our blog as a link in other site.

This is same as Facebook post share functionality. Trackback is mostly used to track our blog or post & Pingback is used whenever other person share or use our content. User gets notification when admin like their blog/post and comment on their blog/post or share that blog/post. This notification will be sent to user by Email, so user will get idea that whom so ever like or reply on their own post.


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Nowadays, 90% users are prefer to spend their free time to read blogs or news via their smartphones. So if your site or blog is not made for mobiles or tablets, You are loosing huge number of visitors for your blog. But wordpress gives pretty much functionality to us by giving a wide range of responsive themes. Responsive theme means your blog looks perfect in mobiles, tablets & in desktops.

The design remains same for all devices so you don’t need to go for redesign new theme for mobiles. Most of wp themes are made with responsive functionality so you can choose your perfect one easily and start blogging.

Is there anything still remains? Then what are you waiting for ? Start your journey with WordPress today. Best of Luck Guys !