May 2016


Share Your Website Post To Social Media using php

Share your website post to social media using php. Everyone want to share their post in social media regularly to get increase the page views and also website view. So the social media is the best way to promote our content to reach everyone. When ever we write our post we directly update this post into our social media using php

Here I am written sharing code, Just click social media icons it will share automatically to your social media timeline

Here I have get our website details description and content using php

Here we going to add Facebook and Google plus sharing

Add Javascript for sharing link
Het your facebook api id from the developers facebook page

Find how to get app id – Here

Here we added the javascript for post article. now you can used ur post to share in social media

The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled – Feedburner error

We integrated feed burner to our websites and get error “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled” while subscribing.

If you received an Feedburner error message above, that means you do not enable the subscription by email. To solve this problem go to the feed feedburner settings and enable the email subscription service at the bottom of the tab page.

Follow the bellow steps

  1. Log in to your Feedburner account
  2. Click on Publicize in the main menu
  3. Click on Email Subscriptions and activate it if not already active
  4. Look at the embed code and find your ID after the ?uri=

feedburner-error-message - id

feedburner-error-message - id

Get Your uri add to your plugin then now its work fine

Add this form to your page get integrated with feedburner

<blockquote class=”modern-quote full”>&lt;form style=”border:1px solid #ccc;padding:3px;text-align:center;” action=”” method=”post” target=”popupwindow” onsubmit=”‘’, ‘popupwindow’, ‘scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520’);return true”>

Enter your email address:

<input style=”width: 140px;” name=”email” type=”text” />

<input name=”uri” type=”hidden” value=”developerdesks/RMLz” /><input name=”loc” type=”hidden” value=”en_US” /><input type=”submit” value=”Subscribe” />

Delivered by <a href=”” target=”_blank”>FeedBurner</a></blockquote>

Most of the Woo-commerce site had products with different style Like image Zooming option, Image change option, image overlay options are used. But most of the client want to add Variants option like COLOUR and SIZE.

Variable products in Commerce allow you to create specific products that have several variations, for example, different colors, sizes, prices, and other variable data. Here We are going to learn how add variant to the product and also a particular products.


Before creating your variable product, you will need to create the attributes. Go to Products > Attributes. You will get this screen. When you click on #2 to add terms, the next screenshot shows you what that will look like.


Attribute Terms

After add Attributes have add Attribute Terms for each attribute. For example add Different sizes for Size attributes from the previous image which we mentioned 2 point.


Creating the Variable Product

Go the Products – Add New product or u can edit existing products. then select the Product data – select Variable product option


Adding Attributes to Products

Select the Attributes option and add the attributes to the product which we previously created.

Adding Attributes to Products

Add Attributes Option

Select values of the size.

1.Check the option of Visible on the product page.

2. Check the Used for variation

Adding Attributes to Products

You may select one of the following or you can also select all for the following option. Then you can add additional Attributes and Terms to this specific product.

Adding Attributes to Product


Now We need to add variant for products.

  1. If we have a lot of variants option then it will give bulk variant edit option in drop down.
  2. There we can set the  default attribute that will show in drop down.
  3. Link all variants. it may easy to get all variants automatically.

Setting up the Variations

Setting is nothing but enable option in the products like we set up the screen above.

Creating the Variable Product

Note this small box. Click on this to add the specific image for that variation.

After Set up everything will now show

1. The pricing will now show the range of all variations.

2. A drop down menu of the attribute Sizes and its terms. Notice here that on the screenshot above on first creating variations, the fact that I kept the Sizes and Colours to default, the drop-downs will say Choose an option…

3. And the drop down for the Attribute Colours.

Creating the Variable Product

A Good way to show our company with Professional  manner and also expose our skills and what particularly we doing using social media integration. Like LinkedIn Feeds, For our company list out every single skill you have. Then, over time, your connections will start to endorse you for these skills. And that looks really good because it adds legitimacy to your profile.

LinkedIn talks about your profession, your network and your skills. Not only and also it talks about your second network and also related network. Its eventually help to grow your networks connection. So every social media allow to integrate their feeds into our company websites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, flicker etc

So here we go to know how to add linkedln Feeds to your company websites

Manually Integrating LinkedIn into WordPress

The LinkedIn Developer Network is official linked in allows to add LinkedIn to your company websites with some functions. All you need to do is input your LinkedIn profile’s URL and make a few selections and you’ll be presented with an HTML code you can paste into your WordPress posts, pages, and/or sidebar widgets.


linkedin feeds - share plugin

Share plugin Generator is used to show the share count of your company profile connection. You may enter your company profile and image show in vertical and horizontal count mode and entered and get the code and integrate with your company website where you want. like side bar or footer.

Follow Company

linkedin feeds - follow-company-plugin

Follow Company Plugin Generator is used to show your company followers count. The Follow button help to follow your company age directly from their website. Once a user is following your company on LinkedIn, they can see your status updates in their LinkedIn news feed, which can help you regularly engage them and develop leads for your business.

companies have also used the button in the header and footer of their site as a constant reminder to visitors to join them on LinkedIn

Member Profile

linkedin feeds - member-profile-plugin

Member Profile plugin Shows a personal profile link from the linkedin profile. It serves as your business card on LinkedIn. There is also a Full Member Profile plugin, which is similar, except that it allows for a much more extensive view of your profile. This plugin is maximum used for personal blogs and on the websites of smaller start-ups companies.

Company Profile

linkedin feeds - company-profile-plugin

Company Plugin Generator is used to show your company profile in your website, It features your company logo, a Follow button, a description of the company, and the employees counts at the company who are on LinkedIn.

There are three ways to display a Company Profile. The above is the most extensive because it includes the Follow button, giving web visitors the opportunity to follow your company on LinkedIn. The other two options simply feature the LinkedIn logo until you either click or hover over it for more info.

the largest version of the pluign should be featured lower on the page. So you may ad the smaller versions of the plugin which can like added around other social networks on your homepage. Lastly, placing the Company Profile on the about, contact, or careers page of your website is a good idea.

Company Insider

linkedin feeds - company-insider-plugin

Company Insider plugin allows you to highlight your company’s employees as you see in above images, which helps to give a human face to your business. This plugin shows your company employers in the different orders.  It can highlight the current employees of a company that are in your LinkedIn network, new hires to the company, and promotions and changes within your employee structure.

Jobs You Might Be Interested In

linkedin feeds - Jobs You Might Be Interested







The Jobs You May Be Interested In plugin helps job seekers by showing them only the jobs your company has posted on LinkedIn that relate to their experience and expertise. The best placement for this plugin would be on the careers or jobs section of your website. However, this plugin is only relevant if you’ve paid to have jobs listed on LinkedIn.

Alumni Tool

linkedin feeds - alumni-tool

Alumni Tool is featuring information about a particular university or colleges or schools you entered . This allows you to display the most popular companies, industries, and areas where alumni of a specific school work and live.

AutoFill with LinkedIn

Auto Fill is form generator with the linedlin pluign. This Form Needs Form id unique and the details of tour profile. Name, Email, State, city, etc all details required for this form

Some External Plugins also used for LinkedIn Feeds.