November 2015


How to Count Post Views Without using WordPress Plugin

Many of us having Wordress websites or blogs. So we like to cout post views of our post or page. There is lot of plugins there in wordpress. But we already got irritated having lot of plugins for many purpose.  so if you don’t want to add more and more plugins to our website.  This is easy step for adding simple code for Count Post Views.

Step 1 : Use the below to track the count post views on your wordpress blog or page content. You have to add this code in functions.php of your wordpress theme. This code is used to track your view counts


Step 2 : Add this code to single.php page inside to track the count of each post or pages. This part will track the count of view

Step 3 : This code is just echo part to print the view counts. So you just placed the code where you want to display tha count in you page. you may placed in in single.php or index.php. you better placed in single.php. Then see the output

count page views

count page views