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Now you can see who deleted you on Facebook like twitter

Now you can see who deleted you on Facebook like twitter App Who Deleted Me on Facebook available for iOS and Android devices that helps you to track who deleted you form your friends list on facebook. Like Twitter’s Who Unfollowed Me option, it tells you when friends have disappeared from your list and whether… Read More »

Micro max launches Micromax Canvas Silver 5 at Rs 17,999

MicroMax has Launched a new canvas silver – Micromax Canvas Silver 5 at Just Rs 17,999 /-. The Sleek Device Thickness is 5.1 mm, end-to-end. The weight of the canvas is 97 grams, the company claims it is lightest smartphone compare than others. At Demo Event, the company even took a dig at its competitor known… Read More »

Google and Mozilla are Joined to Create Web Assembly Fastest Browser in the World

Developers at Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla are Working to Create WebAssembly (a.k.a wasm) Fastest browser , a bytecode for use in the browsers of the future that promises up to 20 times faster performance. A new byte-code (a machine-readable instruction set that’s quicker for browsers to load than high-level languages) is used to create… Read More »

5 Features We Going To Miss In Windows 10

Features we will Miss In Windows 10 We know that Windows 10 of Microsoft gonna release next month(July). So we are exiting about the new features but you know what we were really miss the features in windows 7. Now some of these features might not be useful to today’s generation, but we really value… Read More »

Microsoft Windows 10 launch on July 29

Microsoft has finally announced July 29 as the exact date of Windows 10 launch. Existing Windows customers will get a free upgrade, Windows 10 has many new features and upgrades including Start menu, new browser, cortana and much more. Watch the following Windows 10 feature highlights video to learn more. Some Features of Windows The Start Menu… Read More »

Facebook Lite is a lightweight Android app for emerging markets

Facebook Lite is a lightweight Android app for emerging markets – mark zuckerberg (Chairman & CEO of Facebook) Now days, Most of our hours(may be minutes) we spend our time with facebook. Initially we used to access facebook in computer or laptops, but now every one used mobile phones(android, iphone models), but we bother about data… Read More »