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Javascript Tutorial for Beginners in Developer Desks, To Learn JavaScript in simple & easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts including Java script Syntax, Functions, Mouse over, On click, Events, Button Click, Alert script, Menu script with HTML

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PHP Tutorials For beginners with examples of File, Session, Date, Array, Form, Functions, Time, Xml, Ajax, Php MySQL, Regex, String, Oops Concept.

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How to Create Like & Unlike code like FB using PHP, MySQL and jQuery

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How to Create Like & Unlike code like FB using PHP, MySQL and jQuery In this tutorials we are going to learn How to Create Like & Unlike code using PHP, MySQL and jQuery. Rating system is very useful for every web project. Through this system, web admin can track the visitors like and dislike.… Read More »

Simple JavaScript Calculator code with example

Here we going to learn simple javascript calculator code. Generally for beginners, they think its difficult to writing code for calculator. But its not that much difficult in the codding. We just know only simple things in function like add, sub, mutli and div functions in php. If you know that then the calci code… Read More »

Calendar Code javascript For form using php

Here we create Calendar Code javascript For form using php Step 1: Create Html Code for calendar as calendar.html

Step 2: Create Css file for calendar style.css

Step 3 : Create dateui.js file for get current date

Step 4: Create calendarjs.js file for javascript function

Thats it, enjoy the code. Demo… Read More »

A Date Picker using JavaScript with demo

Here we go to create JavaScript code for A Date Picker Step 1: Create Files date.php

Step 2: Create dateui.js file

Explanation The function isLeapYear(year) returns true if year is a leap year. The function getDaysInMonth(year, month) returns the number of days in the given month (1-12) of the year (4-digit). Take note… Read More »