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Basic Php Tutorials for Beginners in Developer Desks, To Learn PHP in simple steps from basic to advanced concepts with examples including , Predefined Variables Examples, Built-in Function, OOPS , Advanced , Numbers,  Arrays, Hash File I/O, IF, ELSE IF, Do, Regular Expressions,  While Loops, Operators, GET, POST, Coding Standard, Subroutines, Modules, Socket Communication, File Management,  Reference, Syntax Overview, Special Variables, MySQL Login, Form Validation, Web Design, PayPal Integration, Library,  Ajax Search, Ajax Auto Complete Search, Ajax XML Parser,  Ajax RSS Feed Example, Simple XML, XML Introduction, SAX Parser Example, DOM Parser Example, Simple XML GET,  Core vs frame works , Frame Works, Design Patterns.

For beginners and professionals with examples of file, session, date, array, form, functions, time, xml, ajax, MySQL, regex, string, oops Concept.

Export excel from mysql table data using php code

Every one know to export MySQL table data as excel sheet from the back end in server. But we are going to learn Export excel from mysql table data using php code. Step 1: create index.php file simple form action

step 2: Create export.php file for action. All the code and actions comes under… Read More »

Google reCAPTCHA v2 (No CAPTCHA) Code For login to avoid Bots

Google reCAPTCHA v2 (No CAPTCHA) Code For login to avoid Bots Hi Developers, Here We go learn for Integrate Google reCAPTCHA v2 to our login form for avoid bots. reCAPTCHA protects the websites you love from spam and abuse. Google prompted users to confirm they aren’t robots by asking them to read distorted text and… Read More »

How to Handle Cookie in Php and set Cookie time in browser

What Is Cookie? Cookie is a small file embedded with server to the user’s browser. Its mainly used to Get or Identify the user details. Every time the same computer requesting a page with a browser, it will also send the cookie. By locally we said, Its stored the pages and details in you browser… Read More »